Launch Day

Whenever I see the word ‘Launch’ used in the correct context, I immediately think of that ‘The Office’ episode where Phyllis creates a banner that says ‘Lunch Party’ rather than ‘Launch Party’. It’s an off kind of humor that is simple to it’s core yet appreciative for said simpleness. And that’s what I’m attempting* (trying sounds a bit..desperate?) to create here. I want to create a simple blog filled with simple advice and simple posts. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything not because of any humbly motivated mindset, but because I am Literally* not an expert at anything. I think of myself as a ‘Professional Amateur”. I would list off the various subjects that come to mind, but that would turn this post into a whine-fest, which would, in fairness, be easier to write…but it’s not the point. The point is that any advice I give is not a guarantee of happiness. It’s just the blurbs I tell myself.
I was told growing up that I was good at writing…well, everyone has a different definition of ‘good writing’. I was told during my teenage years that I was good with computers…even though, I’m really…not. So, combining the two plus a bazillion other factors that will eventually be brought up, I created this simple blog. I’m going to keep it as family friendly as possible, with no politics or current social issues. My children will be brought up ALOT….ALOT ALOT, because they are the massive, inescapable, warming, life dependent, sun in the solar system of my life. Some of what I say might be harsh and blunt but my own experiences have crafted a no-nonsense kind of attitude that not everyone agrees with. And I’m fine with that. Opinions are neat and I welcome yours with open arms. But be forewarned, my life is terribly uninteresting.

with love -kate.