Monday, May 1st 2017

Luminescence. Noun– The emission of light by a substance that has not been heated.

This is, by far, my favorite word. So, of course, it’s picked first. I’m really not trying to channel Drew Barrymore when I say that I think that Luminescence is the most beautiful word in the English Language. The way it looks, the way it sounds, the way it feels in your mouth when you say it, ON TOP of having a gorgeous definition, that light can come from a cold place…I’m not going to explain the metaphor…it’s pretty obvious.

WIWOTD?? An Intro.

What Is WOTD?

When I was in High School, one substitute stood out from the crazy carousal of substitute teachers. Her real name is filed under ‘This isn’t important and will never be useful, so forget it” (shame on my past teenage self).  I honestly can’t tell you anything about her because my high school had this universally accepted system which involved naming the subs by their most defining characteristic + their gender. There were 4.

The Young Guy, The Gay Guy, The Cane Lady, and The Word Of The Day Lady.

As an adult who loves to learn, I really appreciate The WOTD Lady. When she subbed any class she, without fail, would write a word on the board and explain to us what that word meant. None of us appreciated it at the time because these were the kind of words that John Green thinks that modern teenagers use in typical conversation. They don’t and we didn’t. Because we were impatient, overgrown children, it annoyed the heck out of us. How DARE THIS SUBSTITUTE TRY AND TEACH US SOMETHING INSTEAD OF LETTING US WATCH A MOVIE?!

So, to honor her, I’m going to post a WOTD when I update…which right now is twice a week, but hey…you get to learn some new words? OR you get to be reminded of the existence of said words. It’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no refunds.

-with love, kate.